Recently, I was suckered into believing an independent record label was interested in signing a one year deal with me to help me take my music to the next level. After six months of back and forth communications, the Record Label ended up being a front for money laundering. Back in the day, this would've shot me into a tailspin of depression, binge eating, drugs and bad decisions... setbacks have a tendency of triggering our worst responses. This time, I'm going to try something different.


Side note: To all the fans, friends of friends and family, if you know any record labels or A&R's looking for a hard-hitting, powerful, hip hop artist, emcee and performer, please send them to Buddhakai at

With every challenge comes opportunities... and in every difficult, failed outcome, an even greater one for me to respond in a way that yields miracles. Look, I'm not gonna pretend I didn't get mad, heartbroken, or upset. I'm human. This affected a lot of my plans for me and my family. Yes, I got excited and started making them... but you know what??? It doesn't change my mission. The only thing that can, is ME!!!! So what is ME going to focus on??? How horrible this was? How sad or disappointing? Or am I gonna get my butt up and do something amazing from it?

I choose amazing.