It's taken me a long time to finally release my first "talking" video, where I'm not actually rapping verses of positive lyrics, but sharing them in that awesome, Prince Ea, positive motivational video type style!!! There's so many things God and this life has taught me that has turned my life from a life of addictions and depression to such an amazing one full of joy, freedom, power, and strength. I call these my "Keys to Freedom," and whether I share them through one on one conversations, rap, motivational videos, or my upcoming book, "ReWrite Your Life," I've made it my personal goal and mission to do so... living it out and learning some more as I go along!

The first video deals with a breakthrough in generosity. I used to be such a greeeeeeedy individual... but looking back, I realized most of that was fostered through my lifestyle as a broke, desperate addict who held onto whatever he could, since I barely had much. However, after being blessed with the freedom from addiction and an amazing job, I still held onto that mentality and in my abundance, failed to share the wealth. And it made me dry and miserable! I want to send a special thank you to a friend of mine named Adam Porter who gave me a book called, "Igniting Generosity." That changed my life. 

Here's my first video regarding a huge perspective shift... is the glass half full or half empty??? Actually, it's neither. My cup runneth over! Please share your comments, thoughts, feelings, disagreements, and / or encouragements! Appreciate you all!