I can't wait to share this part of my life with all of you!!! I mean, I rap about a lot of it now... but more so like a past, distant memory, as opposed to how vividly this album expresses it. I guess it's a heck of a lot more painful when you're actually in the middle of it. 

However, the whole album isn't sad and dreary, not even close! The early years of my addictions were more FUN than they were depressing, and for the most part, I surely lived it up! And because of that, there were A LOT of bangers that are now a part of this album. Back then, I also had the opportunity to experiment with many different artists from Allied Forces and their diverse styles of music, grounded on the pulse of hip hop, that definitively influenced the artist I am today.

"From The Beginning," is the first of FOUR Compilation albums, that chronicle my life from addiction to freedom. Sign up for the mailing list to Follow the Journey!

Album features members of Allied Forces, AF Entertainment, LLC
Album cover designed by: VERS(E) Aristien Z Einstotle