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The first time I saw GRIND MODE, my boy Patrick "Patches" Greco showed me the one with Ren Thomas straight KILLING IT!!! Since then, I was like, "yo! I need to get on that!" a few months later, I link up with the amazing, Colorado-based Record Label, Universal Language Entertainment, and find out they rock heavy with Lingo and the Grind Mode Affiliates, so as soon as I found out they were coming to Denver, you know I had to jump on it! Shout out to Eli Cordova, aka Provoke of Proximity, Windchill, the whole ULFAM and Lingo of Grind Mode for giving me the opportunity to rock out with a bunch of amazing, talented emcees... especially the LEGEND himself, Masta Ace! This is definitely one for the books!

Make sure to check out the other emcees on this cypher!!!
"Provoke" of Proximity
"Shawn Keys" aka EPIC
"Masta Ace" the Legend

Lyrics: 02:31
So what cha thinking when you listening to Grind mode?
A group of diamond cutters amidst the rhinestones
A Mr. Maniac, A-Merican psycho
And I'm a thunderstorm followed by these cyclones
Wind, chill... the second wind will leave your mind blown
with half the population listening trying to find home
See, growing Up the most innovative rapper that ever
got on the mic I've inspired over a dozen killers
Spittin' gorillas from lizards to Godzillas
from having the wackest lyrics to rappin like Lauryn Hill does
I inspire the been tired to get wired
Entirely to my empire to spit fire
The sick writer, the venomous flowing pit viper
Enemies show and they let me go like a jet fighter!
But now there ain't no one around me that I need to hurt!
I've got people that really love me that'll kill you first