Some of the best music I've ever written came from some of the darkest times I've ever lived!

"my iLoJeKaL years..." purposely spelled that way reads, Lake Joli, backwards... and outlines the time that I not only fell in love, but literally destroyed myself drowning in it. Nothing but the utmost respect to Joli Robinson, who pretty much did everything she possibly could for a 25 year old Buddhakai who acted like a spoiled, five-year old brat! Being addicted to cocaine and meth amphetamines didn't help either. I put Joli, my family, and a lot of my friends through hell during this time of depression... but it was out of that deep darkness, that sparked a tiny little light that would explode into the freedom I experience now!

The 50-track, NEVER BEFORE RELEASED compilation album comes out on December 13, 2017 and will be available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Tidal, Pandora and more... Featuring artists like Cas n Jeremy RyanBeBe Victoria, Mizeree aka Tom NewtonGeneva KellyDale Libores aka Dilema, Angel Faced Assassin, John JR Slander RaymondLiza Forero "LiZi", Denell, Gretz TiangcoChristine D. Drakeford, Santiago, Kevin Franey aka Hbomb/Heavy Bags, Rina Richard Elyse, DJ IBM and Raushan PunchBoi Simmons aka Punch Boi Boogie!

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