Now I'm a BIG DREAMER with super lofty goals, yes... but if you would've asked me a year ago, whether or not I thought I would've went from performing at smaller local venues to doing a half time show at the Pepsi Center in less than a year, I would've thought YOU were crazy! But here we are, 8 months after finally taking the huge leap and leaving a very successful eleven years in the car business, and I've partnered up with an amazing MMA / BOXING Promotion company that takes it to the next level in everything they do! Shout outs to Proximity and the Universal Language Entertainment family who introduced me to Richie "Small Hands" Wallace, who connected me with Jesse Rarick of Sparta Media Group who then introduced me to SCL CEO Jeff Cisneros and the amazing team at Sparta Combat League. It's even crazier once I tell you the intricate details of how all of this actually ended up happening. Sign on to the mailing list to catch the video documentary, coming soon!

I'll be performing "Gladiator," produced by akaDenver, mixed and mastered by MC Uriah Halbeisen, and a remake of "Casualties of War," from my Clock Strikes Thirteen Album for the Halftime Show, and will come back on to perform "WARRIOR" produced by GeoMtrk, to introduce the King of Sparta fight!

Gladiator on Soundcloud:
Casualties of War, Picture / Lyric Video:
Warrior OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO, directed and filmed by Jesse Rarick, coming soon!

CALL ME ASAP or Visit and for tickets!


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