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Title: Stop Drinking
Produced by: Raushan Simmons, Lamont Powell, and Anthony Suzara
Written by Buddhakai and featuring Denell
Music Video filmed and directed by: Leland Schmidt

Oh my baby, you gotta stop, you gotta stop.
Oh it’s hurting to see you this way. Please stop
My baby, I love… I love… you

Know that I can’t live without her cause I live for my girl.
If I could I would definitely give her my world.
When my rainbows were missing and my vision was blurred,
she would bring back the colors and the prism was her.
So for the past three years it’s been nothing but clear,
sunny skies, dry her eyes when they flooded with tears.
I was the king of her castle and she was my team,
my little princess, hoping I could make her my queen.
But there was one thing she hated about me, picture a rock sinking…
drowning in the liquor she’s been telling me to, “Stop Drinking.”
There was a night where she was carrying a glass of booze…
me or the liquor was something a n*gga had to choose!
I chose her, so I had to quit, “that’s the rules!”
Liquor wasn’t nothing compared to what I had to lose.
She was everything I wanted in life, so I was thinking,
STOP DRINKING, and I’ll make her my wife, c’mon!

We’ve been through too much, boy you’re killing me inside!
Why would you choose the Alize I want to be your wife.
There’s only room for two, you’ve got to decide!
Who’s the real love of your life? My baby, please...

She was an angel from the heavens and sent
to take away my every day, sipping on the Alize getting bent.
So today was a special event, I’m gonna marry her,
knowing that I loved her since the day that we met.
Called her up all anxious and eager, told her I loved her missed her
and that I need her like followers want a leader now…
wear the dress that I bought you, you’ve got a date.
Meet me at the first place that we met, quarter to eight.
And she kept reiterating for me not to be late,
gave her my word, today everything was gonna be great!
I’ll see you later, now I’m nervous, I can’t believe it’s happening…
diamonds over platinum from the checks that I was cashing in.
Got four hours to go, I’ve gotta have a drink.
Last of the tall glass I’m never gonna have again.
A couple more before I’m through then I’m fit to go,
stumbled out the bar, got in my car, then I hit the road.
Weaving through traffic like fake hair, I couldn’t be late,
cause I would hate it if I had to make her wait there.
Ducking and swerving and switching across lanes,
“get the hell off of the road, you’re going the wrong way!”
Then my life flashed before me and the flash was fast,
my car crashed I was unconscious covered in glass!
And the last thing I remembered was the airbag blast out…
seconds right before I closed my eyes and passed out!

We’ve been through too much, boy you’re killing me inside!
Why would you choose the Alize I want to be your wife.
There’s only room for two, you’ve got to decide!
Who’s the real love of your life?

I came to, couldn’t see, there was a bunch of commotion
I got a paramedic telling me to “keep my eyes open”
“Stay breathing,” heart heavily beating my body weakened
And I tried to move my feet when I noticed I couldn’t feel em,
I looked around there were a hundred ambulances
And cops trying to barricade the others that were glancing
I started to cry knowing that my chances were slim
They’re flashing lights in my eyes, but the flashes were dim!
I kept passing out, memories were lost in my head
Until I finally woke up in the hospital bed.
Looked up at the clock it’s a quarter to three
Damn! Seven hours after we were to meet???
She’s gonna hate me, I lied to her. This couldn’t be
Now I had to find the reasons to tell her she shouldn’t leave
Called her up at her apartment and her cellular phone
It’s gonna break her f*ckin heart when I tell her what’s wrong
I probably won’t survive I could feel it inside
But the last thing I want is to see her before I die
So I called up her mother to ask her to help me find her
She said, “my little baby was killed by a drunk driver!”

Special thank you goes out to the Boulder Rescue Squad and Miner's Tavern

Lead Cast: David Quisumbing and Julie Breidenstein
Supporting Cast: Samuel Rifkin, Adam Porter, Uriah and Ari, Raul, Jamie Quisumbing
Fashion Styling and Design by Lil' Fresh Sam Aragon
Behind the Scenes: Esai Miera