This one was different for me... 

First off, I wanna give a huge shout out to Brian Godeaux, aka Hypnautic of Top Flite Empire. He's been doing music full time for the last nine years now and is pretty much living his dream, pursuing his passion. These past few months, he's been such a huge help for me in building my brand, and transitioning from the car business into pursuing my dreams! 

I've been dying to jump onto one of their shows since I got back into music 8 months ago... and ever since being back in the scene, I've been dying to perform on The Summit Music Hall big stage. Hyp put it together and helped me kill two birds with one stone!

However, this was NOT what I expected. The crowd was way younger than I thought it would be... and I was truly nervous to see how my message was going to translate. Before my set, I kept thinking I should change it on the fly... this isn't going to work... but instead, I held strong. And wow, the response from the crowd was unforgettable! I guess more and more people are truly looking for some way to change their lives for the better... for them and everyone around them!

Shout out to Freely Loved Hemp for sponsoring me in this event! Make sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and on their website.

Photo credits: Brett Littleton Photography