Dear God,

I want to make music and spread an amazing message of love for a living. And by "a living," I want to make over $100,000 per month in residual income, with eight figure bonuses on projects and business ventures.

I want all of my homes paid off. I want to have my father's home and debts paid off. I want the ability to offer David any amount of seed money for businesses that he needs. I want to buy Michael an awesome, rugged, 4WD vehicle, like a fully loaded Toyota Tacoma or Jeep Rubicon to take to the mountains for rock climbing

I want a beautiful mansion in California with a gorgeous Bentley Continental in the garage. I want a beautiful mansion in Colorado with over 6000 sq feet and a six car garage... I want an extended guest house of at least 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. I want a huge kitchen with two giant islands and a gigantic sink that I can fit full oven pans in. I want a dining room that can seat at least 16 for a formal dinner. I want a walk in closet that's bigger than my loft, with an island that houses all of mine and Jamie's luxury watches and jewelry. I want an amazing wardrobe of suits, fashion attire, and shoes for both me and Jamie and a gorgeous make up station for her. I want a laundry room in my loft sized closet with a washing machine, dryer, built in drying racks and a huge sink. I want a movie theater that seats at least thirty in big recliners with state of the art 3D technology and THX sound. In the garages, I would like to have a blacked out Audi RS7, a White on white Bentley Continental GT, a Silver TESLA X 75D AWD, a Red TESLA S P100D and a yellow Ferrari 488 in the garage. I want to have the extended guest house to have a three car garage filled with a dark blue Ford F150 Four Door EcoBoost to lend to friends and to use to help others move, as well as a black 2016 Hyundai Tucson Sport AWD to lend to friends, family, and those in need. I want to BUY A CAR for someone in need. 

I want enough money to be able to GIVE huge amounts while everything else is paid off. 

I want to take Jamie and Araya to places all across the world. I want to visit family and friends and spoil them with amazing experiences and restaurants. I want to TOUR all across the world and perform in the largest festivals spreading inspiring music. I want to sell out arenas and stadiums and use the money to create a hand full of non-profit organizations that offer aid to addiction, hunger, depression, and obesity, while opening up centers for finding God, music and the arts.

I want to endorse amazing, life-giving products, services, businesses, and artists.

I want to generously pay housecleaners, an estate manager, and an in-house chef who can prepare the yummiest, healthiest gourmet food options for me, my family, and guests. I want to host tons of parties and events that promote love and healing for people around us. 

I want to treat everyone around me with love, the utmost respect, kindness, and generosity.

I want to be in the best shape of my life. I want to have less than 10% body fat, with a six pack, the chiseled V, with the healthiest bill of health. I am thankful to be disease and sickness free! 

I want to give Jamie everything I can to allow her to explore all of her wants and desires. I want Jamie to flourish in every way possible and I want to support her in all of her ventures. I want to have the most amazing relationship ever; the kind they write books about. I am thankful that God has blessed me with her and love love love loving her. 

I want Araya to chase her dreams. I want to offer Araya every possible advantage in life while teaching her the deeper values behind money and giving. I want Jamie and Araya to be fully healthy and free of sickness and diseases. I want Araya to explore any talents, sports, hobbies, arts, music, and desires - with all of the support and encouragement I can give her.

I want a basement with a state of the art multi-million dollar recording studio and an in-house, ridiculously talented engineer. I want the latest SSL Mixing Board / Protools control deck with the best producers on call. I want to have ALL of the top microphone options for recording the best vocals and I want the latest programs and plug ins. I want Genelec Monitor Speakers and HUGE playback speakers with the best acoustic treatment and soundproofing. I want Jamie and Araya to be able to sleep even when the volume's on MAX!

I want to be able to speak at giant conferences and inspire the masses. I want my book, "ReWRITE Your Life" to be a NY BEST SELLER with over 25 Million books sold and written in over twenty languages.

I want a phenomenal team that LOVES PEOPLE more than the money, loves working hard and hustling, is confident, and at the pinnacle in each of their specific fields. 

I want to renovate and fully update the home my father lives in. I want to fly him anywhere he'd like to go and cover all of his living expenses. I want to give Olivia a full scholarship to any school she wants to go to and support her wants, dreams, and desires.

I want to buy Gail a brand new car. Or give her my Tucson Limited. I want to buy Adam Bariteau a Rolex Sea Dweller and give Julie and Sean a huge down payment for a nice, cozy home. I want to buy Raul a brand new, fully loaded Nissan Titan and buy all of his kids awesome vehicles. I want to pay off Jenny's home.

I want to give Anthony Zafferano a $5000 per month salary for the rest of his life, without having to do any more work for it. I want Boogie to live in the studio again, and enable him to make the millions he deserves for his talents. I want to sign B3b3, and give her all the creative control and put together an amazing team that she can trust, while funding all of her projects, and enable her to earn the millions that she deserves for her talents. I want Patches to sing in the studio and record hooks for me and enjoy the royalties. I want to give Joseph Ballard's son a scholarship for any school he wishes to attend. From a distance, I want to give Joli Robinson, seed money to start a business or go to school. I want to hang out with Tony Robbins and Vishen Lakhiani. I want to hang out with Mark Consiglio again. I want Brian Loki Chang to be a top member of my team. I want to get my cousin Roland an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch. I want to send William off to the Safari of his life... with Justin Helmick. I want to give Universal Language seed money to make music for a living. I want to do this all within the next five years.

So dear God, 

Thank You very much for the abundance that You have already blessed me with. I appreciate this life and the amazing path that You have paved for me.