Definitively one of the FAN-FAVORITES when we first started doing the rap thing!!!
WARNING: Explicit Lyrics!!!!

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Honestly, I didn't expect to get a video done by THURSDAY this week, let alone, Tuesday night. This will be the second time I've used any video editing software. However, I'm so excited about this one that instead of doing another TBT Throw Back Thursday two days from now, I'm going to act a little impatiently and do my own thing... WBW or Waaaay Back Wednesday... and we're going to set it off with one of my favorite songs ever. "Identity" was produced by Mizeree, who would come into the studio and bless me with the sickest guitar loops. The original song features Angel Faced Assassin and Prince of Darkness. Originally recorded for Trinity, "tha Second Coming" album, I released it on the 48 track compilation called "From the Beginning," 1996-2002

Check out the FULL SONG or the compilation album on iTunes, Apple Music, or Spotify. If anything, add Buddhakai to your listening playlists!

Huge shout out to Phil Sisneros for coming through and helping me film this thing!!!

Title: "Identity"
Produced by: Mizeree, Edubb, and Buddhakai
FULL SONG featuring: Angel Faced Assassin and Prince of Darkness

Buddhakai Verse:
Yo don't be acting like you know me coz you've heard of my name...
Buddhakai, you only know me by the words that I'm saying
You copped my bootleg, constantly rocking it in your stereo
You probably think I'm nuts but that's just me painting scenarios
"Buddhakai's a genius, heard his latest instrumental beat?"
Please, I put that fucking beat together accidentally
I've got a message for groupies, yo back up off of me
I dropped my first album locally, now I've got crazy niggaz stalking me
And people staring at me awkwardly
Since "Kollossal Kombo," bitches are scared to talk to me
I know the second album's really gonna get em twisted
I've spent so many hours writing it, my finger's blistered
Yeah, I know I spit some crazy shit, but son, you missed it
they're just lyrics, see I ain't trying to get arrested
Ya'll dumb as fuck and ya'll need to learn the difference,
I'm not a thug, I'm a mutha fucking lyricist
Oh, so now you're thinking I don't keep it real, 
just because I don't have a glock to your grill
Or a house on the hill, or made my money stack to a mil...
You probably think I'm too scared to kill, THINK AGAIN!
I'm not the type to go and look for a fight, 
But I would fight you, regardless of your weight or your height
I've seen the quiet get loud, and start a riot
But it's them loud niggaz you watch, when we get quiet.