Thank you for your interest in A-LIVE VERSE Session with Buddhakai.

My name is Bernard Quisumbing and I welcome you to a platform where hip hop lyricists can record one of their illest verses, a full song, or a couple of tracks in a ONE-TAKE video / interview where you, the artist, can either share the story behind the music, or talk about your up coming plans, dreams, and goals. But here's the challenge that I’m pretty sure you can handle:

The hip hop scene is flooded with artists rapping about money, drugs, sex, and being the best rapper in the industry - and yes, there's definitely a place for that in Hip Hop but I want you to bring in something different!!! 

I want you to bring me music that outlines either your pain and struggle, the journey you're currently on to get out of it, or the incredible rise above it.

My hope is that your verse can inspire even just one listener, and if it does, then the goal achieved.

Please complete the submission form to schedule your recording date:

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*Beats and Instrumentals:

I can plug in any device (mobile phone, laptop, MP3 Player, full blown MPC, flash drive) directly into the mixer to get your beat or instrumental up and running.

- Buddhakai

I deeply appreciated this session. Not just for the dope lyrics, tight flow, and great personality... but for how the whole thing just went down. Awesome answers to some pretty personal questions. Make sure to check this girl out! She definitely kills it on the mic!

Fashionably unique and extremely fresh... in all aspects, especially their music!

Young cat with a heck of a lot to offer! Truly enjoyed having Connor Ray over for A-LIVE VERSE SESSION with Buddhakai! Make sure to check out his recent EP, "Worth It," and check out his latest video on Youtube to see what this talented rapper is up to.